Catherine Grant Sirus Drive From Wheelchair.jpeg

“I am writing to express my appreciation for all the work done on my behalf, for my new ‘Sirus I-Can’ Drive from wheelchair vehicle. I actually wanted to write this letter to Sirus in that hope that my story would encourage those disabled people who had the capability to drive, to do so with confidence in converted vehicles, while enlightening the non-disabled population at the same time.

Very few people actually believe I-Can drive. Vehicles such as the Sirus I-Can may actually help to change the attitude of the able-bodied population towards disabled people! I cannot tell you how great it is to be able to drive again. I can’t believe it! I have to pinch myself! The lack of suitable transport rendered me housebound for nearly 4 years and had a detrimental effect on me. I developed chronic depression & claustrophobia. At one point I never saw or spoke to anyone for over 6 months, simply because there was no means of venturing out. Many people thought I was a hermit by choice! The Sirus I-Can drive vehicle is amazing! It not only gives me mobility and independence but appears to be having a positive psychological effect too, allowing me to focus on what I can do, as opposed to what I can’t!

I have previously studied 1st and 2nd level Russian and Polish at Glasgow University. Due to family bereavement and my health issues at the time, I had to put my studies on hold. However I’m pleased to say I am now currently completing my studies with the Open University to gain a BA/BSc Honours.

Now I have my Sirus car, I can attend tutorials again and I don’t have to rely on my family to get me from A to B, nor is it necessary to plan journeys in advance. Also I’m using voice activated computer! I operate it simply by the use of my voice. I write my university essays with it and I’m currently in my honours year. It’s hard work but apart from the late nights up writing essays, I’m enjoying it. Had it not been for Sirus and the help received from the University, I would not have achieved so much.

My drive from wheelchair vehicle enables me to go to university, I go out shopping, attend appointments, and drive long distanced too, I’ve driven to Glasgow, and I also drive to Ayr. I virtually go anywhere really! I go to the theatre, I’ve seen the Moscow Ballet performing Swan Lake. For the last few years I have had this whim to drive to Poland! You never know where I’ll end up yet!

People actually come up and converse with me when they see me enter and exit the car. People are eager to know all about my Sirus I Can. I’ve had parking attendants asking if they could look inside, because they’ve never seen one before! Its amazing people’s reactions, simply because you’re actually driving from a wheelchair, something which is completely different, new, innovative, that the majority of the public have never seen before!

I’ll never be able to thank Sirus enough! I still can’t believe I can drive! I just love going out in the Volkswagen Caddy! It’s marvellous because I can go wherever I want!" - For advice on driving assessments. - The national charity set up to help disabled drivers and passengers.