My son has been claiming over the last year ESA and has to attend work related activity groups he failed to attend the last one on the 18 of December.

He has now a sanction even though we filled out a reasons form for no attendance as my son struggles to leave the house with agoraphobia and depression and christmas is a really hard time on him.

He attended a medical assessment at atos on the 23rd of January and up until this point there has been 2 payments of £58 and a stranger one a few days latter of £20 not his usual £190 fortnightly payment.

Since then we have got our son another appointment with ingeus as he has to comply to get the sanction lifted that's the 19th of February his advisor has said she's sent a letter this has failed to show up!

I have also received a letter asking to contact the benefit centre that says " if you want to know more about the £20 we paid you please contact us" I tried calling but they refused to tell me as it's my son claiming the benefit and he don't use the phone as he panicks I've explained this over and over but they only offer vague information!

The advisor says that a atos letter has been sent I have failed to receive this upto now
His medical has something to do with the sanction that's why he has £20 extra
I asked is it bad news and has his money been stoped?
She replied no but your son needs to call us.

So what's happening? What is the best way to go about this. I don't know if my son has been found fit to work and failed the medical ( but advisor said no money is stopped it's not bad news) still on ESA or is now in a support group!

Thanks all and sorry for the long post!