hi everyone, i'm new on here, find it a little confusing. My name is norton, long term sufferer of mental illness, due to see a psychiatrist (spelling?) might have a mood disorder? bi polar? suffer on a daily basis, from cleaning myself, presenting myself, motivation to do house work or exercise, about the only thing that i'm normally ok with is walking the dog, which i think is because i do it alone. I'm very moody, get angry very easily even though i don't usually shout or hit anyone, i've never really been able to work for any long period of time, just cant talk to people when i'm at work so I find myself standing around or hiding in case someone talks to me, I dont think people know or understand how bad it is because I can still socialise, but if they watched me they would see me staring at the tvs so no one talks to me, sometimes i'm told i behave badly, specially when I drink, that I say or do things that I think are funny when they might actually upset people. I haven't been violent with anyone that was my fault in well over 10 years even though i do feel like doing so. Also I never have a good night sleep, the most is 6 hours and i'm usually awake at some point during that time too, i find it hard to get a sleep and then difficult to wake up, I have no caffeine in my diet, I claim Esa, only thing I thought I could claim amd I live with my mother, My partner is pregnant with my 1st but we dont even live together because I would get benefits if we did so, I'm not looking forward to being a dad, I don't think I would be good at it, and I don't believe I'm responsible enough for it, and I cant see that changing, my partner is keeping baby regardless so its up to me, either I stay with her or I leave her, but in that case she has said she wont let me see the baby, anyways my head is a spin, my life is a mess but that's me. Your welcome to befriend me on here or comment on this post, not sure how this site works as yet. xx