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Thread: Direct Payments

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    Direct Payments

    I'm not sure if this should be in general disc but here goes anyway.

    Our local council is having to cut back it's spending as all are as the gov are reducing their monies.

    Looking at the proposals they are to hit the most vulnerable as part of the cut backs.

    Direct payments will be only awarded for 'substantial' criteria.

    I'm think if they take off the med to high how this will affect my daughter as her package is a combination of the two - substantial and med to high.

    I'm not sure where this will leave her as being able to continue to live independantly.

    How can they just change this and so affect many people on D/P.

    The other proposal of change will be to the co-funding, which they may well increase up to 90% of the DLA care componant meaning in some instances it will take practically all of the care componant.

    Very worrying times as I know some people use some of their care comp to help with bills.

    How can they award something like D/P then move the posts when people have based their lives on getting this.

    Childresn services are also to be cut back in various ways.
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    Sadly, sea queen, your council is not the only one to be making similar changes.

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    Daughter has had a quetioner mmm had these things before in the past.

    Strange that in the past these consultations have supposedly shown that the majority of people vote to pay more for services - or so they reckon!!

    Anyway what it's also saying, is that as daughters level is assessed above the proposed new level (substantial) she won't be affected by the the proposed new level unless a future review determines otherwise!

    Suppose this means everyone will be re-assessed at some point then.

    This however doesn't help the people who are in the med to high level have been given care, where on earth does that leave them!
    Sea Queen

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