My 20 years old daughter was diagnosed (finally) with Autism and semantic pragmatic disorder in 2010. For over a year now she has been working with local support is developing her independence and ability to find work. She has volunteered in several professions but as I am sure many people are aware, finding her "right-fit" is a long process. She is wanting to progress to paid employment but I am just a little concerned she doesn't lose her benefits until she is comfortable with finding a job that suits her mind-set and abilities.

Her current local council support group are encouraging her to apply for "everything and anything" to get interview experience and some of these jobs are in excess of 16 hours. Most of the work is probably not her ideal career choice......but she feels obliged to try them which I hope is the right way for her to move forward.

My questions are :

is she able to work paid hours without this affecting her ESA payments. if so how many.

If not what can she do?

She also receives a small DLA allowance. Will this be removed if she starts paid employment

any other advice that can hep guide us on her future welcome.