Previous literature on accessible tourism has focussed on defining relevant terminology, outlining issues disabled tourists face and discussing certain government legislation that aims to break down tourism barriers. What has received less attention, and surprisingly so as they are a fundamental stakeholder in accessible tourism, is major tour operator involvement (TUI Travel, Kuoni etc..) and the developments (or severe lack of) being made by these organisations in this relatively new market. There are calls for a comprehensive solution which provides total accessibility in the tourism industry, however until a major tour operator commits to making its destinations completely accessible, this seems distant in the future.

I am conducting a research project (as part of my final year at Loughborough University) which assesses the market value of the accessible tourism industry and major tour operator involvement. The survey will evaluate managerial perceptions, how proactive travel companies are in the accessible tourism segment and reasons for/against their involvement. I would be extremely interested and appreciative of any questions that may be included in the survey (e.g. How a tour operator defines an accessible hotel room?) and ask readers of this to feel free in suggesting any ideas they may have or questions they wish to be answered.