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Thread: moving to suitable accommodation from my own house?

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    moving to suitable accommodation from my own house?

    Apologies if this is in the wrong section.

    I am a home owner, in receipt of ESA support, DLA HRM and MRC.

    My home is not suitable for my ever increasing problems and I need to move.

    ESA covers the mortgage interest on my home, but if I sell will I be classed as intentionally homeless and not be able to claim housing benefit on a house that suits me better?

    I have approached my mortgage company about moving and 'taking my mortgage with me', but they have nothing in place to arrange this.

    I did have adaption carried out several years ago when I first qualified for DLA, but now I am worse and have been awarded DLA indefinitely (however little that means!). Maybe it is time to ask social services to reassess me so I can stay here?

    Any ideas and tips most welcome as I am a prisoner in my own home at the moment, and need to do something about this.

    thank you!

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    I would suggest you contact Social Services for an assessment to see whether you can further adapt your property or require a move and take things from there.

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    I would endorse Jard's advice. Work with Social Services to establish whether the house you are in can be further adapted. If they report that your house cannot be adapted for your needs, that is likely to carry weight with the council's homelessness team, whom you should also contact.

    You need to be very careful, especially in regard to leaving your current house. Voluntarily leaving a house, even one medically unsuited to your needs, could result in you being classed as intentionally homeless - I'm not familiar enough with the homelessness rules to know how the situation would be handled. You need to get as much information as you can about how the council will view the situation and what support they can provide before you leave the house.

    The mortgage interest rules are complex, so you should examine that aspect of the situation with a local advice provider if you land up buying another property.

    It might be worth contacting one of the specialist housing advice organisations, such as Shelter.

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