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Thread: Does anyone use a (non regulation) 2 wheel electric scooter for mobility?

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    If you want to escape from crowded urban traffic using Eletric Scooters would be great. Majority of the Electric Scooters for adults come in a sleek design so that you can easily fold.

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    Quote Originally Posted by EmilyWould View Post
    Does anyone use a (non regulation) 2 wheel electric scooter for mobility?
    All the mobility scooters I see are incredibly heavy (and expensive), but an electric 2 wheel scooter ( like the ones kids & teenagers use) would be perfect for me. Would love to hear if anyone has any experience or advice on this.

    I am 33 years old and recently disabled. I have a problem with my hips and pelvis) that means I can't walk a distance of more than approx 20 meters and desperately need some form of mobility vehicle to get out and about. At the moment I am completely reliant on other people to push me in a wheelchair if I want to go anywhere and I am desperate to have the independence to go out alone. My condition means that extended periods of walking or sitting (especially in my wheelchair) aggravate the pain. It also means that I cannot lift anything too heavy. This rules out using any of the regulation mobility scooters as they are all too heavy and bulky for me to lift out of my car. The light weight options (like the luggie) are way too expensive!

    Then whilst watching my daughter on her scooter the other day it suddenly dawned on me that an electric and slightly bigger version of a kids scooter would be perfect for me. As long as it has a padded seat and I can sit upright with my feet resting in front of me I should be fine for short distances.

    I found this one: the Razor 300s 300
    Small, padded seat and only weighs 23kg

    I know this is probably a recipe for trouble as if I use this I am worried that the police/shop owners etc will think I am just some naughty teenager riding on pavements and in shopping malls. But I really can't see a better alternative.

    Does anyone have an experience of someone using these sorts of scooters for mobility? Or any advice on what might make it less likely for someone to think I am just being a 'naughty teenager'.

    I thought maybe I could put some disability stickers / sign on it? It would be great to have something like my blue badge to stick on it.

    I am so desperate to be able to go to the park/ a museum/ the shops/ post office/ friends house without relying on other people. I am so exited by this idea and it is really giving me hope.

    Any advice & suggestions would be hugely appreciated.


    Remember that Remap provides disabled people with free help with equipment including wheelchairs and scooters. Our skilled volunteers may be able to devise a solution for you free of charge.

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