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Thread: ele and gardening

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    ele and gardening

    i've 2 things i need advice on 1 electricty and have a bush cut back

    i'm a edef customer and at the moment use a prepayment key meter. i can on longer garentee someone being able to topup the key for me so
    so how do i get it changed so i can pay eletronicly, i need to pay electronicly as i am housebound.
    does anyone have a rough idea how long this would take, as i'd need to be in when they are changing it, and have med. appoints coming up and susspect more resulting for one of these.

    i'm a wandsowrth council tenet and need a bush cuting back and neither have the abillity to do it, or the money to pay someone to do it


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    For the gardening - search on the internet for the local branches of Rotaract, Lions or Round Table clubs - they are often willing to do work in the community. When I was in one in Essex, we did loads of that sort of stuff, and would have done more if people asked. You could also approach local schools who often have groups of what used to be called "sixth formers", but I think they are now "year 12 and 13s" who do community work as part of "social awareness" or similar courses.

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