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    Just read Cameron will consider refugees from Syria in to the UK,
    He will consider people who are disabled to be a priority,
    God help them when they have to apply for PIP, and surely they will won.t they ? I have nothing against any genuine refugee
    and of course all applications will all be treated equally and fairly just like they have been doing to ourselves.

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    The mans a k..b head and puts other countries before his own.Now I do feel sorry for the people of Syria especially the children but if our country doesn't have enough money for it's self then why should we let refugees in for god sake.They are going to need feeding clothing a housing and money to live .Theres not enough decent housing for our own let alone refugees.

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    Welcome to broken bankrupt Britain the land were governments forgot

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    These people have a higher media profile so they will probably be treated more fairly or should I say favourably.

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    I would help anyone in need. I don't give a damn where they have come from. I count myself extremely lucky that I have not been in a situation like the refugees.

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    I am with rich-ward. However bad things are for me, and are generally for disabled people in the UK, I am not living in a tent with bad sanitation and little food in the middle of nowhere because people where I used to live are killing their fellow citizens.

    So many of the arguments being put forward by disabled people are that help should be according to need. Help according to need so long as you are judged worthy is largely what we are fighting against.

    (I acknowledge this reply is a huge simplification, but hope the key point makes sense).
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    I'm with Rich and Flymo. The living circumstances of these displaced people is of the likes we can't even imagine. They will be the ones who are in urgent need of medical help, or have suffered terrible abuse. And the asylum is temporary although that could change. In the UK we are so very fortunate in many ways people don't often appreciate, and there are so many things we just take for granted which many others in parts of the world can only dream about.

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