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Thread: Question about health care costs help

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    Question about health care costs help


    I have a question about the HC1 form for a HC2 certificate.

    I was awarded a HC1 last year as I am on ESA contributions based, I didn't know that you do not get help with health costs on this and was fined by the NHS for dental work I had done, I then asked for help and received the HC2 certificate.

    I am now in receipt of DLA HRM LRC and wondered if I can still be awarded help with the costs of prescriptions now, I am filling in the forms but am having a minor panic attack as I have an awful lots of medication for a lot of conditions.

    Thanks for any help.

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    A DLA award does not change your position with respect to NHS charges.

    The only way to get help with NHS charges is to fill in a HC1 as often as needed to maintain a HC2 or HC3 charges certificate unless:
    • the patient or their partner is receiving any means-tested benefits (income related ESA, income related JSA, Income Support or the guarantee credit component of Pension Credit), or
    • the patient has an exemption certificate relevant to the charge in question (which are granted for maternity, certain medical conditions, and to certain recipients of Tax Credits and War Pension)
    • you qualify for an age-based help with the charge in question

    As you say you were awarded a HC2 (certificate for full help with NHS costs), are you certain you are not entitled to any income-related ESA on top of your contributions based award? The financial limits are less stringent for a HC2 than for means-tested benefits, but it might be worth checking.

    Being awarded even a pound a week of income-related ESA would unlock all the consequential benefits of receiving means-tested benefits, including an automatic entitlement to full help with NHS costs.

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    Thanks so much, so hopefully it should be awarded again.

    I'm not sure about if I am entitled to any income related, I think on the letter of award they say it is topped up by say five pounds, yet when I called they said I had to pay for medical treatment or get a HC1. I was really shocked and not to mention upset as they had never said that my help would stop and I had to repay £300 because of it. They just said I couldn't get free dental or prescriptions etc, but like I say it does say it's topped up, yet I phoned them and they said no.

    TBH I don't like to rock the boat with them, I know it sounds silly, so I think I'll stick to the HC1 for now.

    Thank you for putting my mind at rest, I knew someone on here would know!

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    How is that "top up" described on your ESA award letter?

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    My wife was faced with significant prescription costs 12 items every 3 weeks and she did not qualify for any exemptions so we got the annual prepayment card which cost 109 pounds which was a substantial saving when compared to paying 84 pounds every 3 weeks. She does now qualify for free prescriptios having reached 60 years. I think you can also get 3 and 6 month cards.

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    You can also pay monthly now. My mother in law was doing this. I think it is just over £10 a month, still a good saving if you need more than one prescription a month.
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