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Thread: Taxi Company Refuses to Take Disabled

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    Taxi Company Refuses to Take Disabled

    Interesting article on the BBC website

    Perhaps the company concerned should invest in more suitable vehicles, wheelchair users do not always require minibuses, small adapted vehicles which can easily used by both disabled and non-disabled customers may be more appropriate.

    I was working out of my companies Bristol office for a while and it seemed that the taxi company we had a contract with had no wheelchair accessible taxis, despite being one of the largest in the city. The local department head, upon finding this out cancelled the contract and found another company who did.
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    Deputy mayor Dave Budd said companies "have a moral obligation to treat everybody the same".
    Deputy Mayor Dave Budd also needs to read up on the Equality Act, it's not just a moral obligation but a legal one.
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    I hope their licence is revoked or failing that they lose any contracts they have.

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    A minibus costs more and has to be paid for as such - this is what our DLA payments are for though isn't it, to help with the additional financial costs of a disability.

    That said, to no longer accept disabled people is madness. You can charge more for the larger vehicle but why a blanket ban?

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    Oh my.

    I had a huge argument with a local taxi company..

    I couldn't bend my leg to get into a normal car, so needed one where I could just lift my leg in and out, they wanted to charge me extra for it.

    I had informed them beforehand that I'd struggle to get into a normal car, and they said "yes, that's fine, we will send another car for you and we won't charge you the fee for it"

    Taxi arrived.....tried to charge me an extra £10 for the journey. I phoned up the company and they denied any knowledge of saying there was no charge for me, even though I had 4 witnesses! I was already late for my hospital appointment so had to go in the taxi anyway. Luckily I could claim it back but I had to borrow the extra £10 off my neighbour so I could get to the hospital because of it

    Same problems coming the end, I threatened to take legal action for discrimination...this completely freaked the taxi driver out because he gave me a FREE taxi ride home!

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