Hi all,

My knee has become twice the size of the normal, non-injured one yet again, I can barely put ANY weight on it, I was doing so well by just relying on a walking stick...I'm now back to being on two crutches because of the pain alone.

My doctor has been trying to cut down my medication (I was on: 2 Dihydrocodeine, 1 Diclofenac and 1 paracetamol 4 times a day)
It is now at: 1 Dihydrocodeine, 1 Ibuprofen and 1 paracetamol 3 times a day, with 2 Dihydrocodeine at night.

My doctor wants to cut it down to 2 x 30/500 Co-codamol 4 times a day. I'm obviously not coping with my current changes, never mind this.

No matter how much I tell her I'm in pain, she INSISTS on it..I can't walk if I don't take my full doses. I JUST about cope at my current dosage.

I understand that she's worried about me being addicted, and so am I. I fought against taking painkillers because I hate the idea of taking medication. I refused to take it for anxiety and so on..

I just don't know what to do now. Do I admit defeat and make sure my doctor listens, or do I let her continue cutting my meds?!