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    Cool Severely sighted

    Hello, I am new to all this and was hoping someone is in the same situation as me, I will give a quick background on what has happened. 12th November 2013 I was registered partially sighted, filled in paper work for pip, Was removed from site which I having been for past 8 years, as the client said to my manager he did not want anyone on site who could not see, plus doing patrols using my visual aid cane( untrue on both accounts). Went back to see my consultant Christmas Eve and was told more test are required and he wants to see me in months, in the mean time I should go off sick from work as I would not be safe to carry out my duties, this I have done and I am off for min 2 months. Would I have problems getting pip and what other things am I able to receive, my wife works so we would not be entitled to housing benefits.

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    Hi Dave, sorry to read your story. I don't know anything about benefits for people like your self. But my friends daughter is partially sighted and she went onto the RNIB site. There is information about benefits on there.
    Good luck x

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    Thank you I will check it out

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    High Dave my daughter was registered partially sighted last year but also has mobility problems so no extra benefits for her as she already gets DLA high rate. I suppose it would be on the going out and about that you would score points from ESA and maybe get some of PIP. RNIB sight is good to look at. Also in our county we have a Sight Support system where anyone with sight problems can get help and advice. It maybe worth checking out if you have one in your area as well.
    Sea Queen

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    Hi Dave64,

    So you work for a com pay where their client has requested someone else to carry out inspection duties

    Are you employed on a full time contract.

    I know a fair number of visually impaired and blind people who hold down a full time job but with support.

    The company you work for should make 'reasonable adjustments'. That could mean someone swopping duties or you might need a support worker.

    I'd suggest you get in touch with 'Access to Work' to see if they can offer suggestions on how to keep you in work.
    They can pay for computer software to magnify the screen image through using

    You have rights. Don't just roll over. If you want to work there are ways to support you that won't cost you anything.

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    I will be seeing my manager on Monday so will ask them

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    Being dismissed

    I have received a letter from my employer, stating following there home visit I am to be dismissed on ill health grounds. My last day will be 18th March which is 10 weeks notice period, and I will be paid the notice period as one lump sum. They told me yesterday that they intend to pay me all monies owing to me on the next pay date which is 10th February. At present I am on 2 months sick and will continue, my problem is that I was registered partially sighted on 12th November 2013, when I went back to see my consultant on Christmas Eve following him gathering information on my history from my optians, he was going to register me as severly sighted but decided to carry out one more test. So when I go back to see him at the end of next month I will be registered as severly sighted. Back on 13th December 2013 I had to see the companies occupational health doctor and the report stated I was not fit for work and would unlikely to be due to my eye sight, on this report my company are dismissing me As I can not disagree with it the report or my consultant. What benefit can I get my wife works part time and grosses £290 a week on average

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    Your thoughts

    I know this is not a post relating to benefits, but I would like your thoughts on this post please.i will try to be very brief, here goes.

    I was working on a site for my company, someone on site told the client I was using a disability aid whilst at work, which I was not.
    The client contacted my company for clarification
    My company removed me from the site which I have been on for many years saying the client requested the removal
    The client did not request the removal just to clarify what they were told and to monitor the situation
    My company decided to remove me for no reason resulting me losing money

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    You need professional advice on all counts: with regard to your benefit question contact your local CAB (or similar adviser) and arrange to speak with a benefit(s) adviser for a benefit check, this will require all your information re: financial & housing situation etc.

    With regard to your employment questions, if you are member of a Trade Union or Professional Body contact their local/branch office, if not you will need to contact a Solicitor that practices in Employment Law in your own capacity. CAB may also be able to advise on these matters or direct you to where you can find it in your area.

    Good Luck with it.
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    Will speak with CAB thank you

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