Hey All

I posted here

Regarding a failed application for a blue badge, from that topic it seems that I am indeed "Disabled" and my GP has said the same thing.

I suffer with

ankylosing spondylitis
spinal stenosis
along with moderate arthritis and slipped disks.
I also have a quiery thyroid issue
Low platelets (but not actionable yet)
and I have been sent to see a neurosurgeon for quiery M/S

I'm in my mid 30th and have held down a job with a local authority for over 15 years at a middle sort of pay level

My attendance has never been great, with odd days here and there and a few long stretches off ill, this has almost lost me my job a couple of times

However the above has only been diagnosed recently and while its new information I believe this has been the cause of my years of on/off illnesses, my body is just under attack all the time.

My question is , does a rather draconian sickness policy have to be looked at in another way, if the employee (ie myself) is "Disabled" , im not looking to take the mickey , but there are days when I struggle in and as a result end up having 2/3 days off for pushing myself - im absolutely exhausted at the moment and the stress and worry doesnt help too much either.

I just need to relieve some pressure - I was also considering asking to work one hour less per day, thus missing the evening rush hour , is this something that could be facilitated ?