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Thread: How was your Christmas Day

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    the ex husband was mine, not my daughter in laws (read my own post and realised it wasn,t very clear) they had had a falling out the week before.

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    We had a great christmas!

    Went to pick up my boyfriend, then we all visited my Nanna and my uncle, who lives with her. Spent half an hour there, then went back home and opened presents. Spoke to my sister for a short while, then had christmas dinner. Mum went for a nap in bed, dad dozed off on one sofa and my boyfriend dozed off on the other. I watched toy story 3 in peace! Yay!

    We then did a quiz - mum and dad beat me and my boyfriend 26-19.

    My boyfriend then drunkenly asked my dad for my hand in marriage - right in front of me. But he hasn't proposed as of yet! He then went to bed around 7.30 because he was too intoxicated. I eventually went to bed at around 1am.

    Yesterday was ruined by my sister, dad and mum all having an argument which has led to them all not speaking. Me and my boyfriend got drunk and then watched Harry Potter & the deathly hallows part 1, followed by a quiz, which I won.

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    Ha, ha Flowerangel sounds like a typical household. So marriage is on the cards perhaps!

    Do you know it's a fact that there are more people who look for somewhere new to live after the festivities as families are thrown together and everyone falls out!!

    Happy to say that I'm not tempted to buy anything in the sales. After all it's not a bargain if you bought something you didn't need in the first place - in my opinion! llol

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    Had a lovely chrimbo. Went out to our local Toby carvery for lunch and truly had a great time. Good plentiful hot food and cheery staff and people! Went home to bed at my parents and slept until six. My father apparently tried to wake us at four thirty but we were dead to the world. Then supper at my sisters and then home fed and checked the animals then bed ny ten. Lovely day and so easy and stress free. Going out is sooo the answer.

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