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Thread: PIP success story and some reflections

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    My DLA award ran out last year & due to a mix up & a "lost" application form I had to make a new claim for PIP, I had previously been awarded the higher rate of mobility & middle rate for care. ATOS have had my paperwork since the 18th of November last year, I've called them every month on the 18th for an update, finally I was told on the 18th of September my claim was "Under Review" amazingly though neither ATOS nor the DWP seem to know or won't tell me what it means. Anyone got any ideas?

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    As I expect you've realised, your former DLA rates are irrelevant to PIP - you must satisfy the PIP criteria to be awarded PIP.

    So far as the "under review" status goes, that's not a term I've come across before, though someone else might have some insight.

    All claims passed to the assessment provider are examined to decide whether an assessment report can be written based on the supplied paperwork, or whether a face to face assessment is required. This should be done relatively quickly.

    Usually the big delay is waiting for an appointment for face to face assessment to become available.

    You're now to the point where your papers have been with an assessment provider for some 10.5 months, which is getting towards the top end of the delays people are reporting (there are reports of people waiting 12 months and even more from application to decision, but your figure leaves out the time from your PIP claim starting up to Atos receiving the papers). On the basis that you appear to have suffered a long delay even taking into account the current pattern of delays, I would contact your MP's office who should be able to chase Atos for you.

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    Hi I'm new on here and have been reading with interest but suffer with fatigue so am too wiped to read all these pages. Sorry if this has been asked before. I had DLA higher for both and was due to apply for PIP by end of June. I get overwhelmed by these forms and they set me back months. For 21 years I have gone from indefinite low care/mobility to highest but now live on 2 year renewals which is a stress to bear and makes me so anxious.
    Long story short I haven't yet completed my forms (but did make the initial call) and they are now sending an assessor to my house. My DLA ran out just. My condition is chronic and I do wish to get a longer award so I can better focus on my health. I have a motability car. Should I plod on with my forms? I could try get them done to give to assessor/ send in still. I don't have much in terms of medical evidence cos the medics have kind of left me to manage but I do have statements from my two Carers. I'm not entirely sure what to expect from assessment?? I'm most concerned about my car tbh as it's the only freedom I have - any experience pls of what they'll do as I haven't managed my forms?
    Thank you

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    I'm unclear what you mean by "my DLA ran out just".

    I presume you had a fixed-term DLA award that was reaching its end and you received a letter inviting you to claim PIP. If you claim PIP by the date given and do everything else that is asked of you on the way to a PIP decision, your DLA continues until a PIP decision is made even if that means DLA continues to be paid after the end date of the fixed term award. There are some grace periods on the deadlines where DLA payments are suspended temporarily and if you do what is required before the end of the grace period, DLA is reinstated. In particular, there is a four week grace period on the initial deadline to apply for PIP. However, if you go past the end of a grace period without acting, DLA is permanently cancelled.

    It sounds as if DWP have agreed to proceed to PIP assessment without you returning the PIP2 How your disability affects you questionnaire. If DWP agreed to face to face assessment going ahead without you returning the PIP2, I would expect your DLA to continue until a PIP decision is made. If you are unsure, I suggest you clarify urgently with DWP whether you are still receiving DLA.

    If your DLA ends, Motability will terminate your agreement and make arrangements to collect the car once they realise you have lost your entitlement to a qualifying benefit. You do not have the option of making the payments on the car from your own pocket, though you could take out a new Motability agreement if you regain a qualifying benefit.

    If you read the previous posts in this thread, you will hopefully realise that PIP entitlement depends on the limitations you face in carrying out the PIP activities as a result of your medical condition(s) or disabilities - your so-called functional limitations. Whilst it is helpful to provide medical evidence to confirm the key details (diagnosis, key symptoms affecting you, treatment, prognosis), what the PIP2 and face to face assessment are seeking are your explanation of your functional limitations. A common mistake people make is to put a lot of effort into providing medical evidence but they fail to paint a clear picture of their functional limitations.

    It is possible to do everything at face to face assessment, but the chances are that you will leave out important detail and finish up with fewer points than you deserve as a result. I strongly recommend you keep going with the PIP2, as it is in your interests to get the correct decision first time. I've tried to give lots of information and links that will help in this thread. Even though it sounds like you have a date for assessment, it is best to return the PIP2 and any supporting evidence in advance of the appointment - you should send a copy to DWP, send a copy to the assessment provider, have a copy to hand to the assessor in case they haven't received one before the assessment, and keep a copy for your files (which will be a starting point for any future reassessment).

    I've given details of my assessment in the first post of this thread, and links to other people's assessment experiences in a later post (coloured text are links you can click to follow). If you don't return the PIP2, the assessor will know nothing about you beforehand, will have had no chance to think about any specific questions they want to ask you, and you will be on the spot to explain everything relevant to PIP during the assessment.

    All PIP awards are subject to periodic reassessment. The PIP equivalent of an indefinite DLA award is "for an ongoing period", but almost all "ongoing period" awards will be reviewed periodically, usually after ten years. The only time an "ongoing period" award is likely to be made with no reviews is when it is clear that the disability is permanent and the functional effects cannot change - for example someone with no eyes is always going to need some sort of human, animal or technological assistance to get around safely.

    If you have any evidence of your doctors' opinion on the likelihood of your condition changing (improving or deteriorating), you should provide that at or before your assessment. If no such evidence is available, the assessor will make their recommendation on when you should be reassessed based solely on their medical knowledge and their findings at assessment.

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    Thanks Flymo - you're a star! Even tho I haven't sent my form in they continued to pay my DLA these last couple of months but I guess that's why they're sending an assessor so quickly.
    I really appreciate the links as I'm so shattered at the moment.
    At least if I can get my forms done the worst will be over in a couple of weeks. I'll keep going as at least the end of these months is in sight.
    Most people seem to have had a Physio and I've found most of them have an understanding of Fibromyalgia so that is hopeful.
    I'm a bit concerned about how long the assessment takes so will focus on a typical day to prepare too.
    This site is really helpful! Fingers crossed...

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    I got awarded hight rate pip care with no motorbilty the assessment was really stressful and degrading the things they made me do and asked me all in all I can't complain as there a lot of people who don't get anything

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    Hi everyone

    Newbie here so apologies if posting in the wrong place..

    I have just received award of pip standard rate daily living 10 points and only 4 points for mobility which I am truly shocked in my opinion I was expecting enhanced mobility no daily living as my main problem is in mobility due to knees and feet. I didn't have a Atos assessment as they did a paper based report which I don't no why ? I ticked the box can stand and move more than one no more than 20m yet they only awarded 4 points I find it frustrating that they can award me daily living but in essence not believe me in regards to the mobility all without the f2f which I would of gladly of had one at home if offerd.. Any advice would be so greatly appreciated thank you

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    Scenic86, it would be better if you started your own thread for your queries.
    Go here and on the top left of the screen is the "Post new thread" icon.

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    Beau...thanks for that ����

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    Update: did manage to plod on and complete PIP2 forms and Capita are now sending assessor this weekend.
    The lady who called from Capita was at pains to tell me it 'wasn't a medical assessment and that I would be asked generalised mobility questions'. She said they could get all medical info in a report from my GP.
    Has anyone else experienced this statement being read to them - is my assessment different from others? I thought it was a medical assessment so feeling bit confused.
    My GP wrote a good supporting letter to send in with my application so not sure what more they could gather from her tbh.
    TIA Ruby ;-)

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