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Thread: New Fire Door is a Hazard

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    New Fire Door is a Hazard

    My elderly disabled mother recently had a new fire door installed in the communal area. The new door is a nightmare
    and dangerous, the tension is of the hydraulic door closer is very high even though it is set on the lowest tension also with the new door there is now a door step (previously the door had no step). She finds that the addition of the new step very difficult because she is infirm and also visually impaired. The door has only been fitted for 2 days and she has nearly fallen twice.

    The door was fitted under instruction by the housing association. There is now a high risk of my mother having a fall, surely the housing association should not be fitting these type doors for the elderly and disabled?

    I am contacting the housing association tomorrow to see if a different tensioner can be used and to remove the step. I don't suppose that they will agree to change the door in any way.

    In the event of my mother falling (god forbid) would the housing association be responsible for any injuries because of this new unsuitable door?

    Or any other advice would be very much appreciated.

    Thank You

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    Hi crlewis

    There has always been a balance between the need for a fire door to be resilient enough (and hence heavy) to keep fire and smoke away from vulnerable people, and the requirements for everyday access. There is equipment available here which enables a fire door to remain accessible unless triggered by a continuous alarm sounding for 14 seconds whence it will automatically shut.

    Here is a demonstration of the product

    You could contact your local Fire Station and ask for the Fire Safety Manager for advice on this. If this complies with all necessary fire regulations you might ask the housing association if it would be possible to fit these. It should be borne in mind that there are new hazards should someone be unfortunate enough to be entering one of these as a fire alarm sounds so they would have to have necessary warning signs and briefing of residents on their use.

    DLF team.....
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