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Thread: Just wanted to say hello to everyone.

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    Smile Just wanted to say hello to everyone.

    I am a new "one" lol and just wanted to say Hello.
    Been reading what other people have been writing about and had to smile at some of the Christmas ones.
    Having been through the "farce" that is PIP I know how difficult and challenging it can be. My heart goes out to everyone who has to cross the PIP path.

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    Hi, and welcome to the forum. You will always be able to get good solid advice from knowledgeable members, and we also have fun, chatty threads. Enjoy, and I wish you a very happy, healthy Christmas. Susie

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    hello i am new to this site and waz wondering how you start up your own forum lol?

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    Hello and welcome to Invisable and jenna.
    Like susie has said, you will find lots of info and advice here. We are (usually) a friendly bunch, lol.
    jenna, if you mean how do you start a discussion/ask a question about something, I usually click on forum, go to relevant one, such as benefits etc. Then once in that forum you click on, "start a new thread". You can then start your discussion/ask your questions. Hope that helps.
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    yer thats amazing thanks how do u add people to can u add me please haha because i want to talk about the discrimantion in the media towards disabled people, where still being used like the black token boy when black people first arived on telly, disabled people are still uysed in the media as props not indaviuals there there because there disabled n not because of theyr personality lol x

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    iuf uv started a new thread how do u find it lmao im so sorry for being a nusance i went on a forum started a new thread n now carn find it haha x

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    If you search for your own name in the search bar at the top right of the page, it will give you a list of your posts. You can then go to your post.

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