The blurb from the website states...

The Office for Disability Issues leads in driving delivery of the government’s vision for disabled people.

We help remove barriers so that all disabled people are able to fulfil their potential and be fully participating members of society.

We work in all areas of government policy and with a wide range of stakeholders.

I hadn't heard of this part of the DWP website before and so I thought I should share it here with you lot.

It also produces a very interesting magazine entitled 'Aspire-2'.
Issue 1:
Issue 2:

I really do recommend reading the second edition, the first is geared towards the paralympics and the second focuses on the more current subjects of Attitude, Perception and Hate Crime.

I fancy getting involved in their Strengthening Disabled People’s User-Led Organisations (DPULO) programme, and maybe becoming some sort of ambassador.

The main site can be found at