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Thread: Electric wheelchair & new york

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    I knew someone who uses an electric wheelchair and regularly visited the Big Apple. They found the easiest option was to ask the Hotel to arrange hire for the duration of their stay. It would be ready when they arrived and could be left at the airport when they left

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    I am trying to get to America with my power chair,I am a widow and am travelling alone! I am halfway through booking to Florida but have been told that I won't be able to charge my wheelchair as America only operates on 110 volts in hotels and my chair is 240 volts!
    Virgin Atlantic are great,the hotel just told the travel agent to tell me to bring an adaptor plug and I would be fine but will I?
    I have travelled to Tunisia(been evacuated when trouble started),Turkey and Bulgaria with no problems so how come a large forward country like America is causing me so many problems?(you wouldn't believe how obstructive and negative it has been over the last few months trying to get to this point!!)
    Please can you help and advise me,I would be so grateful
    Thanking you
    Barbara aka tinribs69

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    You will be fine with the correct adapter. Although we are 240volts AC & the hotels 110volts AC your actual chair's batteries are more like 24 - 48 volts DC. When we plug them in they take the appropriate requirement from the charger. If the chairs charger is not built in, ie a separate box between the plug and the chair they usually say on them the input and output it's often 100-240v AC so no problem only an adapter to enable the British 3 pin plug to work.
    Have you checked with the chairs maker as they should be able to re-assure you?

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    My chair has a separate charger and I have looked at it but it doesn't say 100-240v AC,I have an adaptor plug to change to 3 pin plug.
    The chair maker Lomax went out of business years ago and I didn't get any help whatsoever with the bloke that I spoke to! 'I know nothing about lomax' was all he said!
    The charger box is aGerman Made Konstant HF!Writing on it is; Prim 230 VAC +/- 15% 50/60Hz 300VA
    Fuse 2.5A Sec 6A at 24V IP30 T35 1.Step 28.8 V 2.Step 27.6 V
    Sorry to baffle you but I'm baffled and it's Double Dutch to me!!
    Does it make sense to you and will I be OK in America?
    I really do appreciate your help you have been the most helpful! My travel agents have been very negative as they don't know.
    Thank you very much
    From Barbara

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    That does make sense What you have is a 3 stage 6 Amp charger & I WOULD SAY YOUR BATTERIES ARE 24 volts The UK voltage is actually 230v AC although we all call it 240v & what you need is a ' USA 120v to UK 240v Step Up Transformer 300VA' to provide a 240v input to your charger. This is an example
    However they are quite expensive and extra weight to carry around it may be better for you to look at getting a different charger that can cope with the US & Canada. Is there anyone you can take your charger to and explain what you need?

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    Thank you very much tinker for that info,I have an engineer coming out on Wednesday so I am hoping that I will be able to get the charger that I need as I will show him your information,I will check out the link as well.Maybe the NHS will loan me a suitable chair to go to the States!!I guess 'pigs might fly!' but I can try.I'll let you know how I get on.

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