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Thread: making a fuss

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    making a fuss

    Hi all bit long winded so sorry about this

    right was feeling unwell started about 3 weeks ago just general cold like symptoms wasn't to concerned then get a skin rash which looked like sunburn on a friday night so took anti histamine satarday phoned 111 got advise dr says carry on with anti histamine rash goes on the monday all good and well but still feeling ill

    then started getting cramp llike pain in lower legs every time I put any weight on them and general aching in them when resting couldn't cope with it any longer so made an appointment with GP

    so go to GP and got a locum told her my legs were painful she asked if I had any other symptoms so told I had been feeling generally unwell and about the rash I'd had

    so she takes my heart rate it was high but I told her it always is (tachycardia ) so again I wasn't concerned she looked at my throat she say it's sore again not concerned (on high doses of immune suppressants so always getting viruses ) takes my temp it's ok so she says got a virus go home and ride it out never even looked at my legs and I already figured I got virus didn't go there for that !!

    monday afternoon go to see my gastro consultant he takes one look at me sunken dark eyes ect I told him about my leg pain and I'd started dry heaving straight away he said I'm dehydrated and got me into a bed and on a drip (feel a lot better now though ) he's says that any DR who saw me and know anything about my health issues should have easily picked up on the dehydration and wants me to complain to the practice manager

    he also said to tell them because of the complex health issues I should only be seen by someone who has knowledge of my health issues but I don't like to rock the boat and what if they think I'm a trouble maker and treat me different than they do now (the partners at the practice are fantastic if you're lucky enough to see them ) has anyone else made a complaint and been penalised for it ?

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    acheron if you take a look at my last post i too got weird itching plus skin problems and so on after what i thought was some kind of flu so must be some strange bug going around causing all sorts of symptoms. now got a man's issue following this and am having 4 weeks treatment

    as for dehydration they should only need to look at the skin to tell that the problem is present then deal with it either through i.v or those sachets.

    as for making complaints i would suggest contacting local PALS in your area but do tread careful as some people have found making complaints they then end up having to find new practices so do seek advice.

    not trying to put you off but been cautious with this situation.


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    I lodged a complaint in 2007 and found myself struck off by return of post

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    ooh dear thats not good deebee I personally wasn't bothered as such it's my consultant who kicked off he said it was easily diagnosed from symptoms and if not one glance at my medical history (all colon and 40% of ilium removed ) should have pointed her to dehydration and could probably have been treated with fluid replacement drinks instead of hospital admission

    so he thinks she didn't bother to look at medical history thats why he said to speak to practise manager about only seeing the doc's that know my background but like I say don't want to make a fuss and alls well that ends well

    and the regular doc's are great so wouldn't want to get struck off the list and have to find a new gp
    better the devil you know than the devil you dont so I think I'll leave it well alone

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    Dr's can and do make initial dignosis mistakes. Thankfully yours was caught early as it could have turned very nasty, very fast. I'd make an appointment with the GP who misdiagnosed you. Explain what happened and ask if you should have your blood electrolytes checked. That way the GP will at least be aware off their and hopefully learn to recognise it in the next patient , and you won't need to worry about making a complaint. Think I'd also stick to the GP's who know your background, even although you shouldn't have to do this.

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