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Thread: Has any body claimed PIP successfully

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    Has any body claimed PIP successfully

    Hi I have asked this question a few times on here and other sites. But as yet haven't had a reply. I haves scanned the net and all I can find is people like myself either waiting and having assessment dates cancelled. Or people who have had assessments, still waiting for their med reports and benefit. I've a feeling that no one is getting paid out on this benefit and it is a shambles from day one. I applied in June.

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    There's been one or two cases, maybe more but not many, reported on the B&W forum which have had a decision letter.

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    Ok, thanks Jard. I'm beginning to think that this new benefit is never going to get off the ground. And in the mean time we are all being left, not knowing what is happening. How can people get on with their lives while this is happening to us.

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    The Government have a PIP review come at the end of 2014. Hopefully it will show up just how much of a shambles the whole process is.

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    hi all.i am due my dla renewal next march so was quite surprized when the forms popped through the door 2 weeks ago.the forms were all for dla and not pip which i thought was strange, anyway filled them in and sent them straight back.week later reply, my dla has been extended till 2016 . no atos nothing . one happy chappy. hope it goes smoothly for everyone.

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    I have today received my 4th assessment date. It is for 11th December at 11am. I have always asked for afternoon app as I'm not well in mornings, but I wont change it as that would cause more delay. As far as I can make out dickson no one, that is migrating from DLA are going to be reassessed until 2015 at the earliest. I am claiming for first time. God alone knows what kind of a mess the system will be in by 2015. It's a mess from the start.

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    Cookiesmum, just read this to see that you have now had four assessment dates. That's just shocking to say the least, I was fed up when I had one cancelled by Captiva who stated that they had tried to contact me the previous day although no messages and the phone hadnt rang. I'm still waiting to hear something about how my assessment went, I've never dreaded hearing the postman arrive so much in my life. The thought of those big brown envelopes sends a shiver down my spine. Wishing you "fourth time lucky!"

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    Quote Originally Posted by cookiesmum View Post
    . As far as I can make out dickson no one, that is migrating from DLA are going to be reassessed until 2015 at the earliest.
    Note quite. Anybody who has a lifetime/indefinite DLA award will be invivted to apply for PIP between 2015 and 2018 (subject to the Governments review in 2014 not changing anything again.

    People with a fixed term award who live in the middle third of the country (rougly speaking draw a line from Bristol to Cambridge and another from North Wales to Hull - and if you are between these) will be invited to apply for PIP about four months before your DLA ends. The face to face assessment is with Capita.

    If you live outside of this box, then you will be sent DLA renewal forms. They will start doing PIP applications in these areas some time in 2014. These are the ones that would have been with ATOS.

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    I decided to phone ATos to see if I could change my app time. As I'm not well in the morning I wanted an afternoon app. The lady was very nice and changed it to 13th Dec at 3pm. I asked her if it was worth me phoning on the day of app in case they decide to cancel as has happened 3times before. The 3rd cancellation was by phone 50mins before I should have been there. She said that wouldn't be necessary as there was no indication on my file that it would be changed. How ever I have just read, on here in the Thread 'PIP refused to send form' a link that ivb posted that no one unless they are terminally ill will be getting an assessment as Atos have no health care people to do the assessments. ID Smith needs sacking it stinks to high heaven.
    MY area Merseyside is still under Atos.

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    I am getting one next month for PIP by ATOS and its me they won't send form to

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