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Thread: BMW 2 series

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    BMW 2 series

    I currently have the 1 series coupe.
    I am due to change the car in March. I really like the coupe and BMW are now making the 1 series coupe into a 2 series.
    It will also be released in March.

    I can see it being on the scheme as the 3 series is.

    My only concern is will I be able to order it in time? Or could I just give my current car back until the 2 series is on the list?

    Thanks guys

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    I ordered my CMax about 2 weeks before I was meant to hand back my Qashqai, and due to delivery times I kept my Qashqai for a month longer.

    Motability will extend your contract for up to 6 months, but you must have ordered your next car within the last 3 months of your current contract.

    Good luck.
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    The new 2 series looks lovely. Even better looking than it's big brother the 4 series imo. It's better proportioned.

    Wonder how the advanced payments compare to the 1 series coupe?

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    Hang on in for the 2series. If they put the 235i on that would be amazing. 320bhp yes please. Probably wont happen and it will be a 218d or similar.

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