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Thread: Non fault crash........ Dealers forgot to add her to policy!!!!!

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    Non fault crash........ Dealers forgot to add driver to policy!!!!!

    Collected my audi q3 in September.

    It went wrong from the start

    We ordered with the large boot (removal of spare wheel) and before collecting it emailed the sales person to make sure it had it! He confirmed he had checked at pdi and it did.

    Anyhow I also emailed him copies of my main nominated drivers license. I again emailed and asked he got it. He replied yes and he has "added her to the agreement"

    Turn up to collect the car, the boot is the small boot. He lies and says he spoke to motability and they said they can't have it (which is odd as people with wheelchairs etc would obviously choose the larger boot) anyhow he said that the boot can now convert to small by removing the wheel and dropping the boot liner. He took all the documents of the driver, copied them etc before allowing her to leave with car. We left......

    The following day realise the boot won't convert like that AND he forgot to take the remaining £2500 of the AP so had to drive back up to pay it.

    He said he will order parts....

    A few weeks of emails of him saying parts are not available etc then I stop getting replies, so we ring the dealers speak to the sales manager and turns out he never ordered parts or Infact told anyone about the issue! Basically he messed up and was spinning us a line for a month!

    The sales manager apologised and sorted the issue within a week.

    onto today!!

    So my designated driver was driving down a small residential street, her side had cars all parked up on it, so she indicated pulled out to the oncoming lane and drove as it was all clear,

    She went pas 1 parked car then another...... Then from no where crunch!!!

    Get out and the second car we had just passed just pulled out. Scrapping the front corner of their car all down side of our car from halfway along the front passenger door back.

    Bear in mind from the very front of his car, to hit half way across the front door means the front of our car was a clear meter past his car, and from his drivers seat allowing for length of his bonnet, our bonnet and half of door his head was inline with the rear door of our car when he decided to pull out.

    He had kids in car so I only assume he was paying attention to them and not the large white audi with it's led and xenon headlamps shinning quite brightly in the darkness which would be very clear from either his side mirrors, window and looking out the windscreen as so much of my car had passed him.

    Anyway get home to report it, and the man on phone asks my driver, sorry what's your name? With the sound of confusion, we just knew what had happened!

    Turns out she's never been added!

    I'll also add I've yet to receive the v5 and had the car since sept 1st

    So now the insurers have to get a special team to investigate it, we can't get a courtesy car from the repair place because she's not on the policy and my driver has had license less than a year (driving supervised for 4 years with 3 years NCB) with points for using a phone, if she now gets points for having no insurance she wil loose her license, her insurance will be massively increased for years due to the conviction, plus the cost and stress of retaking her test etc, plus potentially being liable for repair costs and us not having a car we dearly need for as long as that takes!

    All because of the sales person!

    This all happens about 6pm tonight so the audi garage are unaware however we're going down first thing, demanding they provide a car themselves! As it's down to their actions we can't have one, and make the aware of the very serious situation my driver is now in!

    If at any point since september she had been driving with the kids in car and pulled over, the car would of been impounded, and us all left stranded.

    I can't believe the situation were in now!

    Thank god I've got the emails confirming everything to prove we're not lying however that doesn't take away the fact she's driving without insurance!
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    I'm so so sorry for your awful preicament, but I must point out that it is the owner's (or in this case the person using their DLA to pay for the car's) responsibility to check whether their drivers are insured or not.
    Before driving any car you must check that you have valid insurance - and that's the line the police/insurers may take.

    On the handover, when you collected the car there should have been some documents which would have shown which drivers were covered or not, find these to back up your side of things and then do the following...

    However, you may not have been aware of the above, and you have email proof that you sent all the documents?
    I would forward everything you have to the insurers and hope that they understand what has happened. Perhaps a letter from the Audi Dealer Principal stating what their salesman did or did not?

    Please don't go in there shouting and screaming, you need to be calm in this situation so that they can sort you out properly, if they don't then you can do the slagging match in the showroom! Treat them how you would want to be treated and things should go smoothly.

    One last thing, with a Motability vehicle you never receive the V5 as it's not you car. You can ask for one if you intend to swap number plates but the original will remain the property of Motability.

    In regards to the options fitted to/removed from your car, you have every right to reject a vehicle and ask for an extension on your current lease/courtesy car until the car you ordered is reinstated.

    Good luck and let us know how you get on, and I'm so glad everyone was ok.
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    Well i didn't get any of that! Must be my age.

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    What a terrible situation to be in.

    Did the police attend? If not then it's very very unlikely that your designated driver will get any conviction for driving without insurance. As it stands, this is a civil matter between you, your insurance company and the dealership.

    It's good that you have the emails from the dealer as proof. Good luck in sorting this mess out.

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    I would take the advice Paul above has provided regarding the dealer. Stay calm, seek answers and based upon their failures to be fair and reasonable.

    Start to collate all the information you have,especially the emails concerning your nominated driver. If there is any prosecution for not being insured you can claim grounds of "special reasons " whereby you had every reason to believe you were, or rather your driver was, covered by insurance. Examples include cases where people were told they were covered or where insurance has been cancelled and the person not informed.

    I hope you manage to get this sorted.

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    Paul's bang on once again...
    To me it at least seems you were led to believe your designated driver was insured. If their emails to you confirm that, i don't see that she would be prosecuted for driving without insurance.

    i think anyone would understand this is all the fault of a sloppy salesman
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    Having been in a similar 'not my fault' accident. One thing that will hamper the claim and repair is the fact your driver wasn't insured at the time. I've got a feeing that if the other driver's insurance company get wind of this fact then it will enable them to wriggle out of their responsibilities to pay up

    Not a position I'd like to be in but good luck anyway.

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    Daddy k, how did this all end?

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