Hello, everyone! My name is Rachel. I am an undergraduate psychology student in Los Angeles, looking to get into the cognitive science field (psychological research and neurology). If you are comfortable taking a quick survey about love, relationships, and dating, please follow my link at the bottom! I am in desperate need of physically disabled participants to just fill out the survey anonymously online. The statistics are terribly lop-sided right now because even though I created the survey to try to better understand how dating is for those with physical disabilities, the vast majority of participants have been non-disabled. My purpose for creating this study was to try to help with a social psychological issue that I believe needs to be better understood in order to change.

My boyfriend actually has cerebral palsy as well as multiple sclerosis from which he has had to have metal rods attached to his spine half of his life and for the rest of his life in the future. I just wanted to give a little bit of personal bio so that you guys know a bit about me and what I'm about in my personal life (I also have three cats, whom live with both of us). :P

I hope that some of you will help me with this study. It just takes about ten minutes of your time, and the benefits of taking this survey could be endless - it just takes participation and honesty.

If you have any comments you would like to add at the end of the survey, please feel free to let me know whatever you think. I'm very interested in what you have to say.

THIS IS 100% ANONYMOUS. I cannot see who you are, in fact you never give your name in the online survey. There is no identifier whatsoever. All I can see is your answers.

Thank you for your time. Have a great day.