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Thread: Any thoughts or advice?

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    Any thoughts or advice?

    Hi Everyone,

    Just asking for any thoughts if I'm being unreasonable.
    Around 13 weeks ago, hubby who has severe heart failure was admitted to hospital following an unexplained collapse at home. Stopped breathing for around 10s. The cardiologist asked for up to date echo which was done as outpatient 11wks back. If this showed hubby was still in severe heart failure they would consider him for pacemaker/defib.
    Many times I phoned for the results but was told they were not back and to cut a long story short he is still in severe heart failure and GP eventually done a referral back to cardiology over 2 weeks ago. Hubby was last seen by cardiologist in June 2011 and has been followed up by heart failure nurse, but last seen by them about 11 months ago.... nothing more they can do!.
    Phoned cardiology dept over a week ago and they told me they were waiting on a cardiologist looking at his notes and deciding which cardiologist he needs to see. Am I wrong in expecting an appointment as none has been made as yet, is no follow up in 13 weeks reasonable?. I feel I'm hitting a brick wall with GP and NHS.

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    No, you are not wrong. You want your husbands condition investigating and following up. If necessary, tell them that you'll make a formal complaint if things don't improve.
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    Dianne i seem to be in the same boat now, had an angiogram way back and got told results on the day and the results were with my doctors within a week, went for a echocardiogram at my local hospital just a few miles up the road and now for the life of me cannot get any results as my doctors haven't been sent anything.

    i am getting well annoyed as i have only had to re-book an appointment due to no results been sent and got another feeling that i will be again re-booking next week again.

    chased up the hospital concerned but seriously we shouldn't be having to do this.

    yes you have every right to be annoyed with what is going on and well within your rights to get this sorted.


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    You could contact PALS (Patient Liaison Service) which is located within every hospital. They will advise and intervene on your behalf for patient care. Alternatively, you could make a formal complaint to the Health Executive. I would certainly do one of these two options. You should expect reasonable care, and in my opinion, this has not been forthcoming. Good luck, Susie

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    Thanks for your thoughts guys. Susie... I was looking into PALS last night. I'm mega frustrated at the moment with the way things have been going. My hubby very rarely leaves the house these days as it takes too much out of him getting showered, dressed etc. He has had heart disease for the last 5 yrs and to be honest little is being done now, as he is on the maximum tolerated medications. I was quite hopeful that when it was suggested that he may benefit from a pacemaker/defib that things would get rolling once again. Mickey.... I was told the results of the echo take around 6 wks if that's any help, saying that the results were not sent to my GP until I phoned cardiology and the faxed them to the GP!. Will keep you posted as to what happens next....

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    Update.... Just got off the phone to cardiology. An appointment has been made for hubby to be seen........ on 16th December. It will be a total of 17 weeks from his admission to hospital until being reviewed.

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    just done this myself chasing up stuff with the hospital but do think it is terrible situation having to do this sort of stuff in the first place.

    person i am with was diagnosed with kidney stones both left and right, had left side zapped with treatment then had a scan of the right side then low and behold weeks after no results, situation was bad enough but was told he needed an operation and then only had to chase up the hospital to get it sorted, endless months have now gone by and still no joy!

    any glad you got sorted dianne but still not a good situation.

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