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Thread: Another Atos forum.

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    Another Atos forum.

    I need a bit of advice and i hope i'm posting in the correct part of the forum?
    In June i got an atos forum as i was on I.B and moving over to ESA,and filled it in. I heard nothing for months. Finally in August i received a letter from the DWP to inform me that i had been placed in the support group
    and i did not need to attend any work related activity. I also did not need to attend a Atos
    On Friday i received another forum by Atos ESA50.
    I was wondering why are they contacting me so soon (3months); The letter that informed me that i was in The support group did not have how long i would be in it for.

    Is this normal or will i have to attend a medical? Nothing has changed i'm on the same medication.
    I live in the north west.
    I am worried sick. Hope someone can advise.
    many thanks.

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    Sadly, the letters informing one that they are in the Support Group do not state for how long. The only way to find that out is to telephone them.
    The length of time before further reassessment varies greatly, and some medical assessors advise reassessment within months of the original, and then some can go on for 2 years or so. It all depends on if the assessor feels that improvent is likely. Indeed, some people do not get called for a F2F medical assessment and a decision is made on their available evidence from your gp,ESA50 etc. Try not to worry.
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    I too was put in the support group without a medical and they didn't put how long I was to stay there for.
    Now every day I look at my mail for the dreaded brown envelope.

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