I have just returned from Benalmadena and have been using this company now for around 5 years with no problam at all,
but the difference is they have now started a transfer service which will bring your manual/electric Wheelchair to the airport
for you and that way you just need to transfer from the airport chair to your hired one and then go/helped into the adapted
vehicle and to your hotel.

I found this extremely usefull and a lot easier and less stressfull as i have to rely on my wife to lift me out wheelchair. The return journey was just as good as i drove the electric wheelchair right up to the assistance desk in the airport and then moved over onto a airport wheelchair. The driver was very helpful and considerate and it's definatley a service which has made my life, and my wifes, a lot easier and less stressful.

I do hope that this may help anyone considering an holiday in Spain