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Thread: Newbie, please help.

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    Newbie, please help.


    I am in receipt of DLA (High Rate Care), (Low Rate Mobility). I also receive IB. A couple of months ago I was called and asked if I'd like to migrate to the ESA Benefit, I double, then triple checked that if I stayed on IB non of my or my mums benefits would be altered. I spoke to a supervisor who also assured me that by me remaining on IB this would not affect mine nor my mums benefits. (Thus far it hasn't).

    My mum also receives DLA Care at High Rate & Mobility at High Rate as well as IB. We live together and because we are both in receipt of DLA Care at the High rate we both receive an underlying premium of Carers Allowance, (or something to that effect).

    We have both been in receipt of these benefits for over six years.

    My mum got a call today and was asked if she wanted to migrate to the new ESA benefit in opposed to staying on Incapacity. She stated that she'd rather remain on Incapacity Benefit.

    Here's where it gets confusing. The woman on the phone advised that unless my mum changes to ESA from IB then I would lose my severe disabled premium, (sorry I'm not 100% sure of it's exact title).

    My mum was busy and was just getting flustered & so she asked if she could call the advisor back to discuss it further.

    Can anyone verify whether this information is correct & accurate? Why would I lies my severe disablement premium if mum does not migrate to ESA?! Afterall none of her benefits were altered when I decided to stay on IB.

    I hope this makes sense and that someone may be able to offer some advice regarding this matter? Thank you.

    Kind Regards


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    Nobody gets a choice about "migrating to ESA", if you don't comply and fill in your ESA 50 your benefit will stop.

    DLA has nothing to do with either IB or ESA.
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    be good if we all got an invite to change from i.b to esa, nobody would take up the offer

    fill out the esa 50 form and take a look on here for how to fill it in, plenty of posts

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    Indeed, you simply cannot stay on IB (Incapacity Benefit), it's just not an option. When migration happens, it happens.

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