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Thread: Some git made me cry but a lovely lady made me smile!

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    Some git made me cry but a lovely lady made me smile!

    OMG some idipt at royal mail made me cry this morning it's so pathetic me I think not him they let you in when you show your blue badge as you're disabled than your suppose to join the queue of 50 people so I sat in my car and I waited and I waited and I waited and q got longer and longer so I googled the royal mail that local office phone number and riot and it rang out and run out and it rang out and q got longer and longer.
    Typically the only thing I could do today to help on the list of things needed doing with to take the dogs to the vet for a job and then go down 13 miles to a local town and pick up a parcel. That done I drove to the town and their sound that I couldn't join the q because of my muscle disease as the queue was so long so I went to find somebody to the man I found was politely obnoxious and a fisher said he could rearrange the parcel delivery but you couldn't go pick it up for me etc so I drove around the front again and thought I'll have to wait for the queue to go down this time when I bus to go in and showed my dizzee badge a lady answered the speaker so I explain to her what happened after her out and she very kindly said don't talk about to meet you and she then went and got my parcel for me and everything was okay.

    To most people it would seem such a small thing but I know you will understand how horrible it is the only thing your ass to do you can't do because Somebody somewhere haven't thought it through.

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    ((((hugs)))) I know how that feels.

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    Awww bless you. What a horrible day you had.
    Sending hugs
    Sea Queen

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