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Thread: My next wav-various questions

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    Question My next wav-various questions

    My Renault Kangoo WAV is 5.5 years old. Motability gave me a one year extension, meaning the contract ends next April. Motability have also indicated that they are not willing to extend the contract beyond 6 years.
    I live in Scotland. Last night I started the process of looking into my next vehicle.

    I need a small WAV, with an internal transfer option.

    While I am aware that buying my current vehicle would be a cheaper option, I’m reluctant to do this. Spending money on a 6 year old car, with 6 year old adaptions doesn’t seem wise to me. I live a rural location and have limited alternative options. Therefore having a reliable car is extremely important to me.

    Last night I emailed 3 companies asking for home demonstrations etc.
    While I would welcome any opinions on the above, my specific questions are:-

    Does anyone have any views on conversion companies they have used? Has anyone used companies a considerable distance from their location (some companies claim to cover the whole of the UK)? If so, what has the response been like if there has been any issues with parts of the vehicle that the conversion company is responsible for?

    I’m currently looking at 3 converters. I have extremely rough costings for 2 of them (based on informal chats at this year’s mobility roadshow). Based on this, I am expecting advance payment/adaptions costs of somewhere between 15000 and 20000.
    In the past, I have been led to believe that I would be wasting my time applying for a grant. I have approximately 30K in various bank accounts and my salary is also around 30K.
    6 years ago, a member of staff in the grants department, indicated that it would be unlikely I would qualify for assistance (only an unofficial indication). I tried the same again today and only received the standard response-fill out a form and we’ll let you know.
    I will receive some help from Access to Work-last time they gave me 2/7 of the cost other than the advanced payment.
    It is also important to note, that 6 years ago I was really struggling with my estate car (walking between boot and driver’s door). By the time I admitted that the estate car was no longer suitable, I was needing to move to a WAV as quick as possible and therefore did not want to delay things by applying for a grant, when there was little chance of success.

    While I’m reluctant to go for this option, owing to the way I work, I would still like to cost this option. Obviously Motability will not give me even an estimate until late January. Any other way to even get a rough price?


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    Hi I can't answer all your question but we have used a few WAV conversion companies since 1999. Lewis Reed was the first vehicle, good conversion, good customers service and willing to demonstrate.
    Then a Gowrings vehicle, had a vehicle from them when they had gone into administration, they found a buyer and 4.5 years on, seem a stronger company with a few new vehicles to choice from.
    Current van is from O&H, again willing to demonstrate, fit and finish of conversion very good.
    Your current Vehicle is now getting rather old , the design and the safety has been surpassed by newer vehicles and reliability could now be an issue.
    Peugeot or citreon would be a good brand to go for, with a good dealer network to collect and service your vehicle.

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