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No SQ. Anyone with a variable condtion who only fills out their form based on their worst days can end up with an overpayment or interview under question if someone reports them, and the DWP film them on a good day. Have read of a few cases like this on forums, and not all of them end well for the individual.

If someone's condition varies they need to give the details eg on a good day I can do this, but on a bad day I can do this, and then tell them how many days are good or bad etc. It's the only way to protect yourself from possibly landing up in hot water at some point, because you've fully disclosed the variation.
My understanding of the focusing on the 'bad' days was that applicants are inclined to downplay the effect their conditions had on them, therefore not giving a full picture of their disability. Remember, it is on the 'bad' days that people may need more help and support than on 'good' days.
It's a tricky one.