Hi all, I’ve got my face to face in 2 weeks and I am looking for some tips on how to present myself.

I do however have a problem and that is defining if I have a disability myself and perhaps if others say what they feel then I can rationalise it out.

I have a rare condition called Small Vessel Disease, well rare for a male, there is reportedly about 6 of us in the UK and it as no cure. They (doc’s) cannot actually see or know what’s happening, just that I have it! All they can say is that it could either/and or/be spasms, blockages and or just not working of my smallest microvascular system. It is presenting as Coronary Microvascular and Raynaud’s but it also as an effect on other organs including the brain and early dementia is a real possibility.

The secondary Raynaud’s is ongoing and even on a warm day any part of my body can go white and cold as the blood flow stops, it starts again and I warm up. The same happens to my heart and I am treated as having a heart attack every month and kept in EAU over night (yes over the last 14 months I have been in hospital overnight 14 times)

All they can do is keep changing the medication and at present I am on 12 different drugs – basically if I don’t take them ……. Well, enough said.

Here’s my problem: I have been working on a 4 to 6 cycle, starting week 1 and progressing to week 4, 5 or 6 (from being slow to not moving far) or to put it another way, when using the point system; day 1, I am near normal but slow and I recon a point score of 4, last day my score is high twenties.

In my own mind I do not know or I cannot come to terms with ‘I am disabled’ I’ve read on here and in the official blurb and it is, or seems to me biased towards ‘visual’ physical disabilities or it could just be me being unsure.

PS surgery is at present out of the question, it would be like putting condoms on thousands of ants willies?