My name is Rachel Evans and I'm currently a third year fashion design student at The University of Glamorgan. At present I am working on my final year major project and am researching a topic which really inspires me, which is innovatively creating clothing that is adapted for individuals with unique and non-normative body shapes. My project involves not only addressing issues individuals may face with standard sized clothing but creating garments which are functional and aesthetically beautiful also. I feel there are many problems that individuals with disabilities face when choosing clothing which is both comfortable and stylish. I have put together a questionnaire that I would really like to give to people to gain a broad understanding of what people want from their clothing and what would make things easier for them. I feel so passionate about this project and would really appreciate any feedback that is given from the questionnaire and the opportunity to possibly inspire others.

Here is my Questionnaire,

It should only take a few minutes to complete.

Thank you.