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Thread: Account Deletion?

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    Account Deletion?

    I've noticed a few accounts have been deleted recently, are people requesting to be deleted or are their accounts being closed?

    I've been thinking about deleting my account as I've frankly had enough with the abuse on here, you try and help people but because you give them an incorrect answer or an answer that they don't want to believe then you are berated.

    The atmosphere had definitely changed.
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    I agree Paul, the atmosphere has most definitely shifted. I have noticed on your threads, your advice has been challenged in a confrontational manner.

    I think other members have felt the same and have deleted their accounts. Such a shame, because I felt there was a well balanced mix of a general knowledge of matters and emotional support.

    I know you work very hard to provide motability info for the benefit of members and would plead with you not to leave.

    Very best regards, and hope you have a good day. Susie

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    I agree, the atmosphere has deteriorated on here. I mentioned this a couple of months ago, but things haven't improved.

    It's a great shame that those who where here a long time have now left. People with lots of experience. One was criticised for posting incorrect info - even though they had realised and posted apologising for doing so.

    There seem to be those who dish advice out left right and centre - then get very angry if they are challenged.

    There are new posters who come and go and seem to be very confrontational with people. I'm sad to say but I read most new threads with my cynic's cap on.

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    Sorry to hear you are thinking of leaving Paul, I would ask you not to but I recognise your reasoning.

    I've noticed, as others have, that there is a more confrontational aspect appearing through the forum. To be honest I see it throughout life which is rather depressing.

    People do not have to agree but people can be respectful.

    Paul, you have valuable insight into the Motability scheme and it would be a shame for this forum to lose that. Also, I sense you enjoy it. Don't let a few disrespectful people stop you doing something you enjoy.


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    Paul Please do not close your account I think you information is very helpfull

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    I agree I don't come on here as often as i did because of some of the responses or because threads start as one thing then turn into something else. No need to delete your account paul and if you have the answer to someones query just answer and ignore what anyone says thats negative if you don't then the negative nellys win.

    Hope all is well with you and your family paul

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    I remember this happening before and the forum was subsequently closed down. There do seem to far too many people prepared to criticise and argue at the moment. I think we need to report abusive comments and then ignore them!

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    This is very sad.

    There is some damn good advice given on here, from people from all walks of life. We just cannot allow anyone's nasty comments make us want to delete our accounts. Let's not let that happen!

    Chin's up people.

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    It is always difficult when 'reading' something how to determine in the way it was posted and meant to be read.
    Not all of us are good at 'tactfulness' indeed some disabilities can promote lack of tact.
    Best to ignore it (unless it is a personal slating off against you then hopefully the mods would remove it) as maybe the poster didn't mean things in the way they are read -
    What do others think?
    Sea Queen

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    I think it would be a terrible shame if Paul left

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