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"As you know the Radisson Blu hotel in Birmingham have kindly offered to be a part of the “I Love My Sirus” competition! I went to visit the Radisson again to take a few further pics for Sirus clients and to have a chat about how Radisson viewed their disabled facilities As you know the Radisson Blu hotel in Birmingham have kindly offered to be a part of the “I love my sirus” competition! Which can be entered here I Love My Sirus Competition ! I went to visit the lovely Audrey at the Radisson again to take a few further pics for Sirus clients and to have a chat about how Radisson viewed their disabled facilities. It seems Radisson just do all they can to help disabled customers and their rooms are absolutely perfect. They are spacious so you can bring in any external aids needed to assist you but they are stylish so you don’t get that clinical feel that some disabled rooms possess. The rooms felt warm and luxurious and they didn’t cut out any of the nice facilities that you get in a standard room (Wardrobe space, mini bar and big mirror haha!).. Maybe these are just my essentials.

I’ve included some amazing pics of their stunning “Chic” room at the Radisson Blu in Birmingham. Not only do they have great rooms but they have easy access and huge corridors to all of their facilites including, the gym, the spa, the stunning bar area and their amazing restaurant Filini where I have been lucky enough to dine previously.. their chicken dish is amazing!

Space is a big thing in a disabled room! They have enough space as to not scrimp on furniture! Even if you don’t use it, it’s still nice to have the extra little accessories that add to the vibe of the room.

Look at that stunning big bed! I could go to sleep in that now! As you can see there is a nice relaxed contemporary theme that runs through the “chic” room.

Again more accessories just to add to the theme. This is a standard “chic” room but I feel it can be compared to some of the executive rooms I have stayed in! It’s great to have a desk to sit at whether you are blogging, browsing the net, reading or even getting ready for a night out! Desk areas/vanity areas to me are essential in a hotel room.

Look at their spacious bathroom
! It’s essential for me in a hotel to have a spacious bathroom and as you can see they are well equipped with rails, emergency cords and a drop down shower chair! Unfortunately I didn’t get a pic but on the left hand wall they had a lovely low huge mirror that was well lit! This is also a rarity in a disabled room.

As I mentioned previously! They don’t scrimp on amenities in these rooms! With a huge mini bar that opens out to allow enough space for someone to access from a wheelchair and a low shelf with a small easy to handle kettle. The one downside is that I have no excuse not to make the boyfriend a cup of tea in the mornings and I end up on tea duty rather than getting a nice cup of English Breakfast in bed. Haha.

This is only the second hotel i’ve seen this in! But there are LOW COAT HANGERS! I get excited about stupid things in my old age.. this gives me access to look through my usually over full suitcase on hangers to decide what I am going to wear that day. It sounds small, but a decision like this can usually take some time!

Guys, if you haven’t already i’d really recommend that you enter this competition! If I was allowed too I would! You can get a complimentary stay in the Radisson, Birmingham. If you aren’t local it will give you chance to check out the 2nd city and have a night out.. and if you are from Birmingham then it’ll give you a night to escape the every day routine and grab some R+R!

As I mentioned earlier to enter all you need to do is pop over to Sirus’ Facebook page linked below,


Just while I’ve got you here on my blog lovely Sirus customers! I have another ANNOUNCEMENT! I am going to be joining Sirus via Youtube to make topical videos about what i’ve been up to and perhaps in the future I will do some customer Q+A’s! I can’t wait to get started as I absolutely love writing to you all. So keep your eyes peeled for my face popping up SOON.

One more thing I must mention! I had an email from Vicky at Sirus this morning to tell me they will be using this little pic to advertise my blog… How cool is that.. I am actually in LOVE. She even has my trademark eyeliner flicks! Cool or what!


Anyway speak soon all.

Kel x

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