Hello there

Many thanks in advance for any clarity offered on my question.

I am disabled and receive the higher rate mobility component of DLA.

I live alone in a 3 "bedroom" flat: 1st room is my bedroom; 2nd room is for overnight carer use; 3rd room is for medical equipment and physiotherapy treatments.

My Local Council have just sent me a form entitled: "Request for extra bedroom allowance due to regular overnight care".
If I satisfy the 5 criteria listed on this form, I will be exempt from the bedroom tax. I can confidently say that I satisfy 4 of them.

The one that I am unsure of is the following: "The carer provides the overnight care that the person needs and regularly stays overnight for this purpose". Specifically, I am unsure of the interpretation of the word "regularly".

On different occasions, my sister, daughter and two different friends stay overnight when I am having difficulty with my heart problems or my mobility and pain issues. They do not stay regularly, as in - five days per week - for example. Collectively, I have overnight carer support about 32 nights per year. Can this be regarded as regular overnight care?

Thank you so much for you time.

All my best, AMac.