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    esa appeal

    hi, got my letter about my appeal date which is due in 4 weeks time, so what will be said and what will be done, very nervous about attending it, my partner will be going with me

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    If you haven't already done so: You need to get a 'Submission' posted into the Tribunal detailing how your condition meets the ESA Descriptors, Google for them if necessary, this should be backed up with evidence ie Doctors letters reports etc. You could also contact CAB or a similar adviser in your area and ask for their help, though it does look like you are cutting it a bit fine now you need to do all this ASAP.

    Good Luck with it
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    Jard is right about getting a written summary of your case submitted. This helps to guide the tribunal towards the areas you want them to look at more closely and not waste time on looking at things that don't apply.

    Don't worry about the tribunal. It's very informal and set up to be as easy as possible for you. It'll last around half an hour and you'll have your opportunity to speak to somebody directly who will make a decision on your claim. The tribunal will consist of a "judge" - just a legally qualified person like a lawyer - and a doctor, who'll ask most of the questions about your condition.

    If you can't get a submission together, it doesn't matter. The Tribunal will still hear your case, it's just easier for them if they know what to concentrate on.

    Have a think about your typical day and how you manage shopping, getting around, any problems - pain, anxiety - during the course of a normal day for you.

    Best of luck

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    hi Jard and Unruhe, thanks for your replies, i went to the C A B when i decided to appeal got all my paper work from them as well from the tribunal, sent in my sicknotes etc, just really want to know what to expect from the tribunal , not looking forward to it , but it has to be done, will i get my money back dated if i win my case , any info would be really helpful to me
    many thanks again for your replies

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    From my experiences of them I think you'll find them very reasonable and helpful should you require it, far more so than the DWP/ATOS, the hearing shouldn't last much more than half an hour if that long. Have you seen the MOJ video of an ESA Appeal ??, if not it will give a good idea of what it's all about, as it's pretty much what it is Google for it if necessary - 'ESA Tribunal video' .

    Keep us informed of how it goes & GOOD LUCK.
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