Inspired by the needs of disabled children the world over, the Balder XP from Etac powered wheelchair gives them the opportunity to enjoy a more fulfilling and independent lifestyle.

Specially designed to adapt and grow with its owner, the Balder XP powerchair from Etac is suitable for children as young as 18 months right through to their teenage years. Combining world-class reliability and flexibility along with robust engineering, this sturdy junior electrically powered wheelchair is able to withstand the demands of even the most adventurous young explorer.

With specialist ergonomic movement that enable a child to sit as high as 860mm or as low as 460mm as well as relax in a tilt-in-space position, they can participate in so many more activities in their Balder XP powerchair from Etac -- be that indoors or outside. Furthermore this technologically advanced electric wheelchair offers unsurpassed seating flexibility, postural support and day long comfort, essential for the happy, healthy living.

Dynamic R82 x panda seating system

Angle adjustable back rest for maximum pressure absorption and pelvic stability

Multi-adjustable back-rest and uniquely positioned hip pivot point to reduce skin sheering

Wide range of accessories

Let your child personalise his or her chair from a choice of funky colours and "splat" graphics

Batteries deliver an approximate range of 34km (21.1 miles) on one charge at speeds of up to 6.4km/h (4.0mph)

T: 01256 767181

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