Hi all

well after 1yr of appliying for esa and dla and a month ago dl getting in touch saying they had lost all my files to which i re-did and got the envelope yesterday saying i have been awarded higher mobility and lower care which at first was like yes finally i can start to get bk on track as i had my 34.00 a week esa stopped so i dont get anythin, they said it will be backdated to sep12 when i will get this or the normal payments from then no idea as it didnt stay, but worst thing i seen on letter i have only been awarded to sep14 so now what do i do the stress is killing me. this means i also carnt apply for a car which living in a small village and having to take my partner to wk and bk and my car is the only way i can get out and have some life but my car is 18yrs old i just wanna scream it seems it never ending struggles