What are the benefits and draw backs to high street or online / digital shopping.

Here's my story from yesterday

GP Surgery
Drove and visited my GP's surgery to collect prescription and get a flue jab. Easy parking and automatic opening doors at surgery

Visit village next
Parked up in accessible bay and dropped off prescription. Woman held door open for me.

Haircut in village
Came out of pharmacy and nipped into gents hairdresser's next door. Easy level access and assistance from John to get in and out of his haircutting chair. Paid cash - lively conversation. He'll never go bust as you can't get your hair cut on the internet!

Need to buy a vacuum cleaner
Drove to Domestic Appliance shop in village. Parked on double yellow lines displaying badge. Shop has level access and friendly service. I was trying to give business to my local shop by buying a vacuum - sorry earliest they could get the model I wanted was late November - in 6 weeks time after £50 cash back has ended - sorry but no purchase there.

Debenhams at the Trafford Centre
Had checked on internet about drawstring black shorts - yes they have them.
Drove to Trafford Centre - free parking! Entered Shopmobility to hire a scooter - great. Only had £4 in change on me - could only afford one hours hire charge costing £3 - set the timer on my phone for 60 minutes.

Needed a butty, drink and loo before shopping. Found a cafe, parked up and used crutch. Helpful staff, paid via card. First class customer service. Now loo time - loads of accessible loos - a cleaner offered to open door - didn't need to but nice gesture. Back on scooter using lift - chatting with woman in lift - reversed out and went into Debenhems. Enquired about shorts I wanted - wait for it - told they aren't in stock so I could order them over the internet - good grief!

Scooting back through the mall of Trafford Centre
Drove into WH Smith to get magazine - helpful staff found magazine I wanted. Was on scooter driving to payout - disaster my scooter couldn't reach the pay desk. Technology to the rescue. The assistant said I didn't need to pin in my card details as it has contactless technology built into card - he waved my card near the cash till and it debited my card - very impressed. Hour nearly up - quick get back to Shopmobility.

Dropped off scooter and a very nice lady offered to take me to my car in a wheelchair as it was bucketing down - great service - nice one Fran.

Drove home, looked on smartphone for vacuum clear. Found the model I want with £50 cash back. Ordered it, paid for it on smartphone and asked for it to be delivered to my local supermarket tomorrow - what is known as 'click and collect'

To summarise - trying to buy stuff in person in a physical shop is a waste of time. It's so easy to browse the internet on a computer, tablet or smartphone. It's quicker, cheaper and hassle free for me.

I'll only visit the high street for haircut, coffee or to pick up a prescription.

The digital world has my full support as it removes all disabling barriers and is so much more efficient - what's your experience.