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Thread: I need some hints and tips on how to save money on fuel bills!

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    Question I need some hints and tips on how to save money on fuel bills!

    Like the title says, does anyone have any new tips on how to save money on fuel bills? My bungalow is very cold and expensive to heat. And now I'm paying bedroom tax as well, every penny counts even more. Even though I try not to use the heating until I have to, the company I use for gas and electric has put my standing orders up to just under £100 a month for both bills - as I still hadn't caught up with last year's bills.

    I am considering buying a smaller lower voltage electric kettle for a start. Any recommendations?

    It was very cold in here yesterday, I gave up after sitting with two jumpers over my clothes and a throw over my knees and a hot water bottle on my feet - and turned the central heating on as my nose was starting to drip!

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    1st recommendation is to compare your energy supplier with others out there and if you have poor insulation then there are grants available.

    needed to add if you have CH then check to see if your radiators are heating all the way to the top, if not then you can get a key to bleed them until they are running hot to the top.

    if you have spare rooms lock them off so you are only heating the rooms you need. temp needs to be between 21 to 23 so they say.

    there are like plastic films you could get to put on the windows but not sure if they work but worth a try.

    also because you have run debt that is the reason for the increase so know it is hard but do try and find some way to get it paid off.

    apart from that many of us are struggling for one reason these companies have got very greedy and have got a very strong strangle hold, example of this is when Labour said they wanted a freeze on increases only for these greedy companies to threaten with power cuts.

    in the end i have lived in some very poor properties and one was so bad that in my bedroom when i breathed out i could see my own breath it was that cold, with having asthma i had no choice but to move out even though it was an HA property.

    we have now moved to a smaller property and our bills are around £70 quarter and gas uses not alot which is surprise from our last one.
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    Have you cavity wall insulation and loft insulation that is up to current specs. If not your landlord should sort the appropriate measures to be put into place. Also is the whole place draft proofed.

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    Just to add, I find if I keep my feet warm my whole body is warmer. To these ends I have an electric foot muff that burns no more power than a light bulb. This alleviates the need to put the heating on and is a much cheaper option.

    Shut the rooms off that you do not use and keep all doors shut. Try to get thermastatic radiator valves fitted as well.
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    I have a Neighbour who lives alone and finds it very difficult to pay her Electricity Bills during the winter as her storage Heaters cost such a lot.

    So last year when it started to get colder she bought a 2nd TV and a Electric Blasnket, one that you can leave on all night. She switched off the Storage Heating and moved into the Bedroom. So during the Winter she stays in bed all cosy with her Electric Blanket on, watching TV.

    She says says she is saving between £40 to £50 a week doing this. Now I would not like to do this but she is quite happy as long as she has her TV and is Cosy.

    Different Strokes and all that!
    Deep into that darkness peering, long I stood there, wondering, fearing, doubting, dreaming dreams no mortal ever dared to dream before.
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    A lower wattage (not voltage) kettle will not help as it takes the same number of watt-hours to boil any given amount of water.

    A few suggestions:

    If you have a gas hob, it may be cheaper to boil a gas kettle (or a pan with a lid on) than using electric as the relative cost is about a quarter for the same amount of energy - but don't put yourself in danger if you have any frailties, and make sure you watch to turn it off as soon as it has boiled (or use a whistling kettle).

    Only iron clothes that really need it (or when shopping choose those that don't matter if they are ironed).

    Use a line to dry washing and not the tumble drier, if you can.

    If you are able, use a shower instead of a bath as they use less hot water.

    Turn your thermostat down one degree - you won't feel the difference.

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    Hi Jay, can you claim for the warm home discount?
    I Have a key meter so find it evens out the money a lot more if I load it during the summer as well as the winter months. This way I don't go cold. I use a shower rather than a bath, do not have the emersion heater on at all. Washing up done with a kettle of hot water once a day. For the summer months I have an electric bill of £10 every 2 weeks, oh and the best invention for cooking is a halogen oven

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    For making hot drinks my daughter has one of those water heating things which just hots up one mug. Fill top with water, put mug under spout and press a buuton - just enough comes out.
    I also managed to get her £120.00 paid into her electric account for this winter which will be a big help.
    It is means tested, I got the tip off from someone on here.
    Drink plenty of warm drinks and put a warm blanket over your legs/feet also helps mu daughter.
    Sea Queen

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jay123 View Post
    It was very cold in here yesterday, I gave up after sitting with two jumpers over my clothes and a throw over my knees and a hot water bottle on my feet - and turned the central heating on as my nose was starting to drip!
    Try a down feather quilt wrapped round you instead of a throw. that's what I use when we have 5 day power cuts here in winter and so have no heating in an old house.

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    Hi Jay don't leave anything on standby switch of at plug socket

    energy saving light bulbs

    lower temp on washing machine

    when cooking anything you can double up on then freeze not only saves energy but time

    when the weather gets really cold don't be tempted to turn off heating when it get's hot leave it on a lower temp rather than turning off and letting get cold again as more energy will be used reheating it back up

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