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Thread: spidermites

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    does anyone know anything about these?
    my kitchen ceiling is covered in them
    google says they are attracted to plants but I have none in my kitchen at present
    I do have a vase of cut fowers on the windowsill though
    I also opened a bag of bushytop carrots yesterday and the bushy tops have been out on the side untill I finished them off today

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    don't know what these are but if you are getting a bad infestation then ring the council and for around £40.00 they will try to get rid of them plus if they come back and you have kept the receipt they will then offer free service, we had ants and went this route.


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    They may well have moved in with the flowers and are now looking for food, remove all food (Green leaves) turn the heat down they love warm rooms and places, and they should die out pretty quick you can buy sprays but with winter coming and remove all green plants from the room they will die fast.

    next time check when putting in cut flower nothing is laying under the leaves.

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