Hi, Hope all well. Not been on for a while and just wondering, the clue is in the title!

Apart from other illnesses/disabilities, a new problem has recently come to light. Circa 2000 I was diagnosed with Non Hodgkins Lymphoma. Treatment was 9 months chemotherapy. An immediate side effect (now lifelong) was peripheral neuropathy of hands and feet (I thought that would have been it) but a later side effect diagnosed couple of years ago
(due to further scan taking place) was diagnosis of avascular necrosis of left hip (my right hip is going the same way).

As a result of AVN, I was trasferred to Wrightington Hospital, decision was made that a Total Hip Replacement is only way forward. Earlier this year I took part in study which required dexascans at beginning and end of 6 month trial. This has now shown Osteoporosis.

At this very moment this is all we know, investigations is due course will show which part(s) are affected. However, my question is, is it possible for a THR to take place if the bone involved has osteoporosis?

My next appointment with Wrightington is not too far off and will be answered, but my twisted logic says, would this be similiar to attempting to attach a new piece of timber to the original that suffers with woodworm/dry rot?

Above may sound daft, but look forward to your answers.
MT, Spencer.