Well, I have taken the plunge and applied to move. At the moment we are in a council house, which I cannot cope with and I really need a bungalow or adapted house. So I have applied to a local housing association to move. This would mean being nearer to family who could help with care and support.

I filled in the form online, they then sent me 2 forms to complete.
One was for a local connection to the area. No problem, my partner lived in the area all his life until 2 years ago, his family still live there and his job is also in the area.
The other form was a medical one. I filled this in and also enclosed 2 pages of extra info, going into more detail of my problems and how they affect me in our current house.

It says on their website that couples are usually only considered for one bedroom properties which is understandable. They do, however, make exceptions for medical/mobility reasons. I explained that my partner sleeps in the spare room most of the time due to my problems.

Now, I am waiting for a reply to see if we have been accepted on the register and which banding we will get.
Keeping everything crossed for a positive result.