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Thread: Walking aids? Advice please

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    Hey guys I did manage to read your comments a week ago before my internet decided to stop working but I would like to thank you all for your helpful posts and encouragement, I did go to see physio and was given crutches as he said a walking stick would not help me, although they are only helping a little, its helped my confidence and stability slightly, and In a way I do feel emotionally better as I'm not as embarrassed with my gait but I still have a fair bit of pain. And again thank you all for your comments were very motivating and helped a lot!
    Samantha x

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    thank you DLF advisor the links you have posted are very helpful
    Sam x

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    the embarrassment never goes away :P I have been using stick for a while now and i am 38 and still find it embarrassment, but you could try the knee brace route, (I wore them before the stick) I still were them now even with the stick, it helps keep my hips balanced i think as I am not having as many hip issues since I put the back in. my ones are unloaders, but if you go for the hinged type they should help keep your knees straight.

    you will have to buy your own though as physio wont say they work (mine did not for my unloaders, he told me they are not proven to work) save for one got one and it enabled me to go without the stick for years. (I know its a different problem, but if the unloaders work i am sure the double hinged ones might work for you.)
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    Hi everyone, I'm in need a new mobility walker. I've been looking online to see what is available. The only website I have seen that is any use is - can anyone recommend any other website for mobility walkers?

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    Look on eBay they are so much cheaper. If you compare walkers you will find that the construction is the same. Watch out in the specs as they are weight limited so you need to get one that suits your weight.

    I have seen the ones you gave the link to on eBay at a much lesser price as well.

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    I you're a disabled person and you need aids to help out why not contact your local authority. Ask to speak to the section that deals with aids and adaptations.

    They'll invite you to a resource centre and give you choices of what's available to meet your needs.

    They may provide something 'off the shelf' or custom make it. Best of all it's free of charge.

    I've had grab rails put up in the bathroom and outside the backdoor. I was assessed as needing an electric scooter which would have been free. But I said I wouldn't use it indoors - they were even going to provide an outdoor ramp!

    I do use an elbow crutch to get about. In fact I can't move one step forward without it but over the years my weight on the crutch has compressed the nerves in my only good hand so now I have pins and needles plus numb fingers.

    Indoors I use a four wheeled trolley to carry stuff from room to room as my other hand doesn't work.

    I think you need to change your mindset. You can't help the way you are. So if anyone has a problem with you using an aid it's their problem not yours!

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    Hi Sammy,

    That's terrible news! When my I had a fall, about a year ago, I had to find a walking support. The best thing is to keep moving and use all the help you can get! Don't worry about what other people think, disability is nothing to be ashamed of any more, being happy and healthy is the most important thing.

    I used a great fold up walking stick for a while, it gave me the support I needed and stored away nicely.

    Hope you are feeling better soon!

    Quote Originally Posted by sammym2013 View Post
    Hello everyone, I am new here and was wondering if someone could give me some advice about walking aids.
    I have chronic spasticity as a result of degeneration of spine, My gait in my doctors words is minor spastic. I find my gait quite annoying as when I walk I will walk in a kind of zig zag pattern (all the way to the to the left and then try to correct going all the way to the right) I have to concentrate on my feet as I don't want to fall its very stressful. I feel cautious when people are coming towards me on the path as I worry I may bump into them which has happened on several occasions. I also get pain all through my back and my left leg which goes very weak and shaky at times. My physiotherapist who I last saw 9 months ago mentioned using a walking stick and I straight away said no, as I felt very uncomfortable with the thought then. I am only 24 and I am really starting to think about using a walking stick now, and I am not sure whether I should or not, because I am worried about what other people would think of me and how I will cope with the change. I would be grateful for other peoples options as to whether you think its worth me getting a stick? and also I would be nice to hear other peoples stories on how you have coped starting mobility aids and how they helped.
    Many thanks
    Sam x

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    Hi sammy one of my problems is along same line as yours like others on here after so many falls i gave in and us a stick, couldn't use crutches due to probs with arms and hands, i also got myself a nice metal one and stuck stickers on it, the hospital 1 i use in house. Also ask to go see the biomechanics and podiatry department as they look at your whole spine and walking to make you insoles i've had them for years does help a bit. Make sure you are being given the correct meds too. I used to feel awkward when old people used to offer me seats or help me on bus etc but now i just find it sweet, even my 84yr old neighbour comes to ask me if i need anything from shops as i only go out once or twice a wk. When people look at me when i'm walking to one side i point at my ear and say god got a bugger of an ear infection haha

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    sammym2013 you say you are self conscious about aids and are 24. Please don't be, i have MS and know many ppl who are in the 20's and 30's with sticks, crutches and wheelchairs.
    It ain't the end of the world and can be the answer to getting out and about. There are practical issues. How to open a dorr with 2 sticks? (with difficulty)...wot happens when you get shopping? (little rucksack has proved my friend) there are also snazzy options online, to enable you to "pimp your ride". It way way better than falling over in a heap which is when I decided that yes I DID need help, especially outdoors. Plus you play the disabled card and make ppl give up their seat on a bus.

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    I was a wheelchair user from my early twenties, and a power chair user from the age of 28. As reddivine says, it's best to look on the aids as enabling. I can do very little without them, but they don't define me.

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