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Thread: assessment for wet room

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    Cool assessment for wet room

    I have to be assessed for wet room what will happen what does the assessment mean

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    Someone in your support network, beit a medic, social worker, carer, has decided that you have sufficient difficulty showering/bathing to need modifications to your existing facilities to enable your independence in this area. Someone from your local authority will look at your facilities and ask questions about your bathing problems. If they feel its needed they will tile the walls and floor in a suitable room in the home and install drainage in the floor. Depending on needs, grab rails and seating may be fitted. Such that you can wash more effectively. Your local authority are responsible for funding and carrying out such work

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    I can tell you about Wales I do not know about England.

    They do not do upstairs wet rooms anymore unless a stair lift is already being used.

    If you own your own home then a assessment will be carried out to see if you can help towards cost.

    If you live in an up stairs flat you cannot have a wet room and the council will put you forward for a down stairs flat or bungalow or sheltered housing which will be adapted or is already adapted..

    The assessment is simple straight forward a few questions and then ask you to walk, and then they will speak to your GP or consultant, all in all this can take anything upwards of eighteen months to two years.

    I've been waiting for six months and they have just measured up my bathroom and stated it will be next September when it will be adapted.

    I had to sign a form saying that if I moved in the next ten years the HA/council would put in place a remit to get me to pay in part or all the cost of putting back the bathroom, this would not happen if I died or went into a care or nursing home.

    Ah it's great to need help is it not.

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    yes everything these days is cost.

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    I live in England and my upstairs bathroom was converted to a wet room last year by my HA with a seat,grab rails and a wall mounted convector heater.I don't have a stair lift there's not enough room.It has made a huge difference and I don't need help anymore from my wife when showering.
    I calculated the costs at £4,000 max and the operative would have earned a good wage. I was shocked to find out the invoice was £9,500 the materials would not have cost more than £2,000. No wonder people are being denied wet rooms.

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