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Thread: M S & Parkinson sufferers told they would get better (esa)

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    Exclamation M S & Parkinson sufferers told they would get better (esa)

    The test that assesses whether disabled or sick people are fit to work has been branded “farcical” by a charity.

    Figures showed nearly half of people with cystic fibrosis, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s or rheumatoid arthritis were told they would recover enough to look for work in the future after taking the Work Capability Assessment.

    i used to know someone who had the Parkinson's disease, not sure if he knew in the early stages but did work as a landlord of a pub but as the disease took hold then sadly he died and yet these people are told they will get better by this government!

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    Have known 2 people with MS, but their conditions and symptoms varied. One diagnosed in late 40's was able to work part time until he retired and he wanted to. Another a young engineer I worked with who was diagnosed in his late 20's deteriorated very quickly. Within a year of diagnosis he was unable to walk without a stick plus something to lean on , and couldn't continue in even part time work after 18 months as he was in a really bad way. Felt really bad for him, it's a horrible illness.

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    One of my friends had Cystic Fibrosis..

    She was found fit to work last year, but died a few weeks ago. Absolutely stupid..she died because she was waiting too long for a lung transplant.

    I also have another friend with CF, but she was also found fit to work!

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    sadly I think we are going to get a lot more of this.

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