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Thread: Give away disabled fixture and equipment

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    Give away disabled fixture and equipment

    We just bought a house in Brixton, London previously occupied by disabled
    owner, and have disabled facilities installed including Wessex VM00
    7100 domestic through floor lift and bathroom aids. The lift is fully
    functional and in good condition, max weight of 224kg, last inspected
    24/02/12, (owner passed away shortly after so it has not been used
    since then).
    There are also a ceiling track hoist, disabled toilet, and a
    bathtub with buildin handrails.
    We would like to donate those if an organization is willing to come pick them up -- for we don't have the skill uninstall or means of transportation. Can anyone suggest any organization I should try?
    Also, if you happen to need those equipment, please let me know.

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    above links taken from DLF's factsheet on second hand equipment

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